The Sestante bookcase recalls the ”wagon-lits” of a past age in which sofas became beds and every ounce of space was utilised whilst keeping a chic and stylish appearance. This age of opulence, of luxury liners and the Orient Express is recreated in this range of furniture. Finely faceted shelves, plain or lacquered are supported by a brass or dark brown dyed opaque steel frame. Great attention is paid to the joints in the tubular steel frame which connects the front and the rear of the bookcase.

It comes in various forms, five or six shelf units or a suspended version with two shelves. This is a self supporting bookcase which can therefore act as a room divider. However it is seen to best advantage against a wall where its stunning tubular shape bends and curves outward giving a pleasing and sculptural outline. It can be arranged in various ways using separate modules and will always be fresh and contemporary.

The Sestante bookshelf with two shelves harks back to the elegance of the “wagonlit” era , to the age of luxury encapsulated in pre war rail and liner journeys yet it has been cleverly updated for the modern home. Finely faceted shelves, plain or lacquered are supported by a brass plated or dyed dark brown opaque steel frame. Meticulous attention is given to the coupling of the joints which form the frame of the bookcase.

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