This is a range of functional furniture consisting of linear or angular sofas and other items including stools and various accessories. Characteristic of this range are the shelf platforms covered in leather, with invisible zippers, that outline the profile of the pieces. Comfortable feather seating in different sizes rests on these bases allowing for an arm rest rather than a container for magazines etc. However if you wish for a different configuration this can be achieved as it is up to you to personalize your sofa.

A furniture range designed to be a complete living experience comprising of single and modular sofas, armchairs, chaiselongues, tables, chairs, bookcases, desks, buffets, sideboards and other furniture and accessories. Pieces that create an atmosphere of extreme refinement. Craftmanship and attention to detail are assured by the traditions of Tuscan culture famous for its handbags and quality of its workmanship. We use only quality materials such as marble, leather and nubuck all of which have undergone years of research and experiments in texture and the filtring of colours. Modern fabrics blend with quality velvets from a bygone era to give a vibrant finish to our products.

The daybed is one of the components which can be incorporated into this system either with arm rests or supporting cabinets. The accessories are finely crafted in leather with visible stitching on the shoulders that support glass or metal tops.

High quality coverings such as stone washed or aniline hides in beautiful colours or in soft nubuck or even elegant velvet are some of the choices. There are also a wide range of fabrics in innovative weaves and colours. A collection offering many great possibilities due to a broad range of exciting shapes and colour.

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